X Cage

Technical information

For more information contact our support at support@novus-sim.com

Physical properties
  • 100% made from aerospace grade aluminium
  • Hand welded by certified professionals
  • Precision bent aluminium tubing
  • CNC Machined components
  • Reinforced thread inserts
  • Automotive grade paint
  • Compatible with all major Sim Racing brands for wheelbases and pedals
  • Double arm wheelbase mount is compatible with Simucube, Fanatec DD and Simagic
  • Wheel deck mount is compatible with Logitech, Moza, Cammus and others
  • Pedal plate is compatible with Heusinkveld, Fanatec, Simtrecs pedals but new holes can be drilled
User friendly
  • Wheelbase mount adjustable by height
  • Wheelbase mount adjustable by angle
  • Wheelbase mount adjustable by depth
  • Pedal plate adjustable by depth
  • Seat mount adjustable by depth
  • Seat mount adjustable by height
  • Seat mount adjustable by angle
  • Heavy duty seat brackets
  • Ambidextrous shifter mount
  • Detachable steering wheel stand
  • Detachable front plate
  • Cable management cutouts
Dimensions and weight
  • 1500 × 1000 mm
    (length x width), height is dependant on the seat used 
  • X cage weight:
    23 kg