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(hereinafter: Rules of the prize game)

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Between 13.10.2023 and 15.10.2023 inclusive, you can participate in the “ADAC SimRacing Expo X Motion” prize game and compete for a prize worth €7,595. The prizes are supplied by GT Industries, d.o.o.

The organiser

The organiser of the prize game “ADAC SimRacing Expo X Motion” (hereinafter: the prize game) is GT Industries, d.o.o., Račeva 14, 4226 Žiri, website:


The prize game takes place from 13:00 until 16:00 on 13/10/2023, from 13:00 until 16:00 on 14/10/2023 and from 13:00 until 16:00 on 15/10/2023 (CET).


The purpose of the prize game is to promote the organiser, the NOVUS brand, and carry out marketing communication.


Anyone who meets the following conditions can participate in the prize game:

  • are at least 15 years old on the day the prize game starts,
  • are not legal entities and
  • are not employed or their family members are not employed by the organiser and do not participate in any way in the preparation or implementation of the prize draw.

In the event that a person is drawn who, according to the instructions of the prize draw, should not participate in it, the draw is considered invalid and the alternate drawee is contacted.

Participation is free for participants.

Method of participation

All the individuals listed above participate in the prize draw, and they will perform the following activities from 13:00 until 16:00 on 13/10/2023, from 13:00 until 16:00 on 14/10/2023 and from 13:00 until 16:00 on 15/10/2023 inclusive:

  • Completed entry form (indicated first and last name, e-mail address) and signed entry form for the prize game;
  • Became followers of the novus.sim profile of the organiser of the prize draw on the social networks Instagram: novus.sim or TikTok: novus.sim or Facebook: novus;
  • Tested their speed by driving the X-Motion;
  • Whoever has the best time in the competition will be the winner of the prize game.
Prize fund

The prize fund consists of one prize. The winner of the prize game will receive a voucher (voucher) worth EUR 7.295,00, which can be redeemed when purchasing GT Industries, d.o.o. X Motion product, and a free MOZA product. This is a MOZA KS steering wheel.

Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or any other product of the monetary equivalent of the prize.

Procedure for making the draw and selecting the drawers

The draw will be made among all participating persons who are entitled to participate in the prize game in accordance with point 4 of these prize game rules and who at the same time have fulfilled the conditions set out in point 5 of these prize game rules.

The prize draw will take place on 15 October 2023 at 17:00. The draw will be carried out by a 3 (three) member committee, which will consist of 3 people from the organiser’s company. The commission will conduct the draw publicly at ADAC SimRacing Expo 2023.

The Commission will also draw 1 reserve drawee who will be entitled to the prize in the event that the first drawee does not claim the prize, does not claim it or is not entitled to it in accordance with these Prize Draw Instructions. There will be a total of winners – 1 main and 1 reserve winner. A record of the drawing process will be written, which will be signed by all members of the commission. The record of the prize draw and the prize winners with their personal data will be written out and signed in one copy and stored at the organiser’s headquarters for a period of one year.

Notification of drawees

The organiser of the prize game will contact the winners by e-mail within 5 days after the draw. The winners will be asked to respond no later than three working days from the date of notification, and no later than 8 days to send all the necessary personal data to the organiser’s email address: (name, surname, home address, tax number and all other necessary information of the winner for awarding the prize).

The prize will not be awarded if the winner:

  • does not respond to the organiser’s request within three working days from the date of notification,
  • does not send to the e-mail address within 8 days all necessary personal data (name, surname, home address, tax number and any other data of the winner necessary for awarding the prize)
  • does not meet the conditions from points 4 and 5 of these prize game rules.
  • informs the organiser that he/she is refusing the prize.

In the event that the prize is not awarded in accordance with this article of the Prize Game Rules, the organiser will contact the alternate winner. The same deadlines and conditions apply to the awarding of the prize to the reserve draw winner as for the main draw winner. If neither the main nor the reserve winner takes the prize or does not meet the conditions prescribed by these Prize Draw Rules, the prize remains undistributed.

The prize will be awarded no later than 28 October 2023.

Taxes and advance payments of income

Payment of all taxes on the prizes (including VAT) is the responsibility of the organiser. The organiser will deduct the advance payment of income tax from the value of the prize to the prize winners in accordance with applicable regulations.

For all prize winners exceeding the value of EUR 42.00, the organiser will calculate and pay advance income tax in accordance with applicable legislation. In accordance with the Income Tax Act, the gross value of the prize is included in the tax base of the winners. In accordance with the Tax Procedure Act, the recipient of the prize is obliged to submit his/her tax number before accepting the prize. If the information about the tax number is not communicated, the prize will not be awarded. In accordance with the Tax Procedure Act, the prize winner is obliged to inform the organiser of their tax number, even if the advance payment of income tax is covered by the organiser.

Use and protection of personal data

By participating in the prize draw, the participant is aware that the organiser (i.e., personal data controller) collects, stores, or otherwise processes the following types of personal data: name, surname, address of residence, e-mail address, tax number. This is done for the purposes of conducting the prize draw or fulfilling obligations to the winners and for the purpose of electronic notification of promotional activities.

By signing the entry form for the prize game and participating in it, the individual declares that he/she is aware that the organiser of the prize game can contact him/her at his/her e-mail address and send him/her messages for the purpose of informing him/her about news, offers, events, and other promotional activities. An individual can cancel the e-notification subscription at any time by sending a written request to the e-mail address: or by unsubscribing via the link in the received e-mail.

By participating in this prize draw, the participant allows the prize draw organiser to, in the event that he/she becomes a prize winner or prize recipient, publish his/her first and last name, the name of his/her social network profile and his/her photo on the organiser’s social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn) and on the organiser’s website for the purpose of informing the public about the results of the draw or accepting the prize.

The organiser undertakes to protect the participant’s personal data in accordance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Act, the General Data Protection Regulation and other relevant legislation.

We keep data for running the prize game. We keep data on participant’s email address until they unsubscribe from notifications or until our purpose is fulfilled. According to law, data on awarding prizes are kept for 10 years.

Transmission of data is voluntary. If necessary data from Articles 5 and 8 are not provided, participation in the prize game will not be possible or a prize will not be awarded.

In accordance with regulations in personal data protection field, participants have rights to request inspection, copying, addition, correction, blocking or deletion of personal data or termination of their processing. The inquiry can be sent to email address: Participants also have right to file a complaint with Information Commissioner of Republic of Slovenia (more information at: More information on processing personal data is defined and available in Privacy Policy published at:

Obligations of the organiser

The organiser does not assume responsibility for:

  • non-functioning or technical disturbances that could temporarily disrupt the use of the website, network, communication.
  • possible consequences that the applicant or participant would suffer as a result of participating in the prize campaign,
  • for any damage resulting from the award.

The organiser does not bear any costs incurred by the applicant or participant by participating in the prize game.

In case of circumstances beyond the organiser’s control (force majeure), the organiser may cancel the prize game. It must inform the participants about this by e-mail. In this case, the participant is not responsible for the resulting damage. The organiser’s decision on all questions related to the prize game or the application of the rules of the prize game is final and applies to all participants.

The organiser reserves the right to suspend or cancel the prize game at any time and without prior notice in case of unforeseen circumstances.

General provisions

The prize draw takes place in accordance with Slovenian legislation. The participant agrees to the rules and conditions of the prize game, which he/she confirms by completing and signing the application form, in accordance with the conditions of participation in the prize game from Articles 4 and 5.

The rules of participation are available from the start of the prize game on the organiser’s website, and after the end of the prize game at the organiser’s headquarters.

The use of any computer codes, harmful programs or anything else that could disrupt the course of the prize game, disable it, damage it or enable its abuse is prohibited. As a result of such conduct, participants, related persons or groups of persons may be excluded from participating in the prize game.

The organiser reserves the right to add and supplement the rules and conditions of participation, especially if this would avoid abuses to the detriment of the participants. The organiser undertakes to publish the changed conditions on its website with each change or addition.

Final provisions

By participating in the prize game, the participant expressly declares that he/she is familiar with these rules of the prize game, understands them and fully agrees with them.

In the event that disputes arising in connection with this prize game cannot be resolved amicably the court in Ljubljana shall have jurisdiction.

In case of questions, participants can contact the organiser by mail at the address of the company GT Industries, d.o.o. or by email to